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Generate power from sunlight and collect heat

   Double your use of the sun's power!


Photovoltaic cells generate valuable electricity from sunlight. Thanks to the 2Power technology, they also can now provide heat for bath or shower water as well as provide backup for your heater.

A photovoltaic module can reach up to 80 °C in summer. It's easy to see that this energy can be used for heating bath or shower water. Our creative developers have succeeded in designing a very high-capacity absorber that draws heat away from the entire photovoltaic module and feeds it to the hot water supply.

The heat transfer is done using a cooling fluid that flows along the back side of the module and, in the process, transports the thermal energy to your hot water tank. A sturdy solar pump ensures that the cooling fluid circulates continually without a problem between the module and the hot water tank in your cellar.



The 2Power module combines photovoltaics and solar thermal in one module by generating electricity and hot water at the same time.





The usual commercial photovoltaic cells have a big disadvantage: Their efficiency is approx. 16%
at a cell temperature of 25 °C (*at STC - Standard Test Conditions). With every degree that the outside
temperature rises, the capacity of your system drops because heat lowers efficiency.


In the summer, photovoltaic modules on the roof can get up to 80 °C! With our smart control, our cooling 2Power system can always deliver the best efficiency! Our 2Power modules work on the sandwich principle. Similarly to vehicle cooling, a water-based antifreeze coolant is fed through the modularly structured system. The modules are cooled and the surface heat that is drawn off can be used for your heating system. With the latest technology, our modules are just as unnoticeable and flat as conventional cells.


The 2Power module looks no different from the standard black PV module that we call 1Power. That way, the 2Power modules can be combined with normal modules without any visual disruption. The result is a roof surface that looks uniform and harmonious.



   Made in Germany

By choosing to use 2Power modules, you are choosing quality made in Germany.
The Solar Keymark certified modules have a product guarantee of 10 years. In addition, we guarantee
a constant capacity of 90% within 10 years (and an 80% constant capacity for 25 years).




   Increase generation
with cooling

Drawing off the heat lowers the temperature of the photovoltaic cells. This has a welcome effect: It enables even higher energy yields because cooler modules are more efficient than warm ones. With every degree of rising operating temperature, the performance of a conventional PV module drops.

That means that cooling the module pays off twice: you get heated water and, at the same time, you boost your solar power system's electrical yield.s



Every 2Power system comes with a thaw function as a unique extra. Without snow and ice, your photovoltaic system can fully exploit the often outstanding winter conditions of clear air with high radiation intensity and low temperatures.

While your neighbor's snow-covered solar systems are hibernating, you can continue to produce environmentally friendly electrical power and optimize the yield of your solar power factory.


Electrical powerThermal powermax. operating Pressuremax. temperature range
260 WP719 WP4 bar-40 - +85 °C
Operating VoltageOperating CurrentSnow loadWind load
30,9 V8,41 A4500 N/m²2400 n/m²

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