Electricity and Heat

A total solution with the 2Power system

   The photovoltaic revolution

In the past, when a home owner was faced with the decision of installing a photovoltaic system and a separate solar system for heating water, it always meant that part of the roof would not be providing electrical power. In other words, it was a question of weighing whether to use the available surface for generating electricity or heat.

Thanks to 2Power, it's no longer necessary to calculate which portion of a roof surface to install with only PV modules and which portion to use for PVT modules.

The surface area portion for PVT modules generally depends on the heating requirement or hot water requirements of a building. This number is determined using a heating requirement calculation or based on the number of occupants.


to 2Power System

Benefits of 2Power

Double the use
of roof surfaces

2Power combines photovoltaics and solar thermal energy in a single module. It delivers valuable electrical power as well as heat on the same roof surface as conventional photovoltaic modules (PV modules).

In the past, a home owner or project planner had to weigh whether to use the available roof surface for electrical power or for heating. That meant that a portion of the roof surface could no longer be used to generate electrical power.With 2Power, the entire roof surface can be used to generate valuable electricity and, in addition, heat.



Visually uniform-
looking roof surface

2Power does not look any different than a standard black PV module, which we call a 1Power module. The 2Power module can be combined with a 1Power module in any way that a customer needs. The number of 2Power modules depends on the heating requirement of a building or is determined based on the number of building occupants. The remaining roof surface can be completed using 1Power modules. The result is a roof surface that looks uniform and harmonious without any visual breaks.


2Power provides
unbeatably in-
expensive heating

With 2Power, you are installing two systems in one step with the proven photovoltaic installation system. The 2Power PVT collectors are connected together electrically and thermally using safe plug connectors. Installation on the roof is quick, safe and dependable. That saves costs and makes your self-generated heating unbeatably inexpensive.


Increase yield
through cooling

Conventional PV modules have the property of loosing efficiency as the solar cells heat up. 2Power takes the heat away from the cells during heat production and lowers the temperature. This cools the 2Power modules which allows them to generate more energy than standard modules.


all winter

2Power doesn't only cool, it also brings warmth into the cells. This can be very useful in winter on a sunny winter day when snow and ice are covering the modules making electricity production impossible. By creating heat, a water film occurs which makes the snow and ice start to slip. Within just a few minutes, the 2Power module is thawed and the sunshine of the winter day can be fully exploited.

   Proven on over 400 objects

  • Private home
    House of the future B10

  • Public facilities
    St. Josef Church

  • Private home
    Chalet Molinis

  • Residential development
    Residential object


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The universal power supply system

We can connect our 2Power modules to all existing heating systems, such as.:


Oil/gas heating

Geothermal pumps

Stoves / pellets

Biomass heaters

Thermal ice storage



Who can use 2Power?

Basically, the following applies: The more energy that is consumed, the more advantageous it is to use 2Power.
Typical areas of usage are:


Private homes Sports facilities Hospitals and clinics Hotels and restaurants
Housing developments Schools and day care centers Apartments Thermal pump operators
Swimming pools Senior residences Public buildings Industrial operations


   News about 2Power

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